This page just states the pros and cons of all of the different types of RPs.

  1. NRNS RPs: The name is actually an abbreviation for: No rules no story Role-plays. Now, these are the least common type of RPs, probably because it's the least popular. It's aimless; just role-play with given characters with nothing given to do. Some people like it because they like to do whatever they want.
  2. FPS RPs: Free Play Story Role-plays. FPS are the most common types of RPs, and the best kind. For example, Yellow Roses, Black Snow. They are the RPs that give you a story, then let you play freely alongside the story. The most popular RPs of this kind are that of an interesting story that immerses you in it, with vivid descriptions and good Role-players, like most RPs on this wiki. :)
  3. SS Rps: Strict Story Role-plays. They aren't very common. They are the type of RP that has a specific storyline that you must follow. Sometimes, it forces players to do actions for the sake of the story. However, if the story's interesting, the players are in for a ride. ;)
  4. OD Rps: Owner Driven Role-plays. The owner has a deep impact on the story and the RP cannot continue without him/her. This is an essential type of RP, especially if you're going for a serious one. In these RPs, everything gets confused and players get lost if the owner is inactive. So, if you make an OD RP, don't forget to check on it!
  5. PD RPs: Player Driven Role-plays. The counterpart of OD Rps. In this one, any player can alter the story with ease. There is no specific goal to reach, so players can RP without the owner with comfort. This RP is perfect for people who can't be on most of the time.

Thanks for your time! We will go deeper into the types soon. For the meantime, enjoy, and have a good one!