Daedalus The Greatest Inventor

aka Dae

  • I live in A living hell
  • My occupation is Being an inventor, roleplayer, and a student
  • I am an Enigma. Refer to me as Adaer, Dae, but no pronouns please. I have no gender.
  • Daedalus The Greatest Inventor

    So, first of all. I can't change my signature. Yay. Any body to help me?

    Second of all, the depressing trio of song meanings. Even better... ;.; So. Let's start with hopeless opus. This is a song by imagine dragons, my quite possibly favorite song artists. So. It goes like this


    Hey Mr. cage man, let me get a fresh breath Cherry bomb head strong i could fake my own death. Hey Mr. Fate man, hustle me a ninth life I was wrong, go long Hustle me a sharp right.

    It's not a perfect picture life Not what I had in mind So. Let. Me. Write. my own line

    [Chorus] I've got this place that I've filled with empty space Oh I'm trying not to look at what I've done My Hopeless Opus I'm in this race, and just hoping to just place Oh I'm trying not to …

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