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    (written by Sean. Expect cringe, and if you're actually reading this, you might need to look at this. If you need better explanations for this go look at Artifexian on Youtube, he actually explains the things that I sure as hell won't.)

    (edit: not gonna finish this sorry :( )

    So. Nobody is going to read this, and I'm not on my own computer so I can't just pull out Notepad. Since I'm already writing this, and I'm not about to cut + paste this into Google Docs, I guess this is going to stay here. Cool I guess.

    After watching a bunch of videos about conlangs(That's "constructed language") and building up confidence that will get me nowhere, I'm going to actually try to make a creole(Basically some languages mashed together with some other rando…

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  • Foxyvsfreddy2

    i dont

    i dont know how


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